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Apple Adds John Malkovich to Siri’s Celebrity Profit-Making

Apple has posted 2 new iPhone 4S commercials focused on the powers of the Siri effective assistant. The new ads another time feature the bonus authority of a celebrity, with acclaimed actor John Malkovich pontificating on life in the 1st blemish, while trying to contribute to a joke with Siri in the 2nd.

The 1st commercial, just named ‘Life’ finds Malkovich asking Siri the meaning of existence.

Struggle and be nice to populace; she reacts. Avoid eating plump and read a high-quality book every now and then. Get some walking in and try to live jointly in peace and synchronization with people of all creeds and nations.

That’s pretty spectacular recommendation, in fact Malkovich remarks before telling Siri, Thank you. I enjoyed this chat hugely. You are extremely articulate.

That’s pleasant of you to say, Siri responds obediently.

The 2nd commercial, Joke, finds Malkovich checking the climate and his evening timetable, searching for Linguica and finally receiving Siri to tell a joke which she only knows the 1st half of. But Malkovich express amusement anyway, remarking that’s funny.