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New Service Gives Parents Manage Over Children Mobile Utilize

London; A new mobile service will almost immediately give parents manage over their children’s cell phone use, whom they chat with or text and also permit them to switch off their phones, wherever they are present.

Mobile Phone Company Bemilo is contribution the service to parents worried about manuscript bullying, sexing and the troublesome use of phones in schools. It will function on Vodafone network.

Campaigners say the phone contract, which is intended for brood between eight and sixteen, hands power back to parents. The move follows the Daily Mail’s movement for internet service providers to guard children by automatically blocking contact to pornographic happy; with adults having to ‘opt in’ if they want to sight sexual substance.

Until now, any limits on children’s mobile phone utilize have had to be made using the parental manage options on the handset itself, the Daily Mail reports information.

Parents signed up to Bemilo’s organization, however, can set limitations for their child’s phone using a web page that only they can access. The site is linked straight to the phone’s SIM card, so if a child wants to add a friend as a contact they have to request the parent, who can then use the website to choose whether or not to allow the modify.

All messages that are sent and conventional by the child can be viewed by the parents by classification on to the site, even if the child deletes them from the cell phone. Parents can also set a regulator so that the phone cannot be switched on throughout lessons or belatedly at night, for instance.

Bemilo creator Simon Goff said that unlike an app, Bemilo’s SIM will job on any mobile device or tablet, and most highly cannot be bypassed by the child.


Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.0 ICS Update Undulating Out

Samsung has lastly started rolling out the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich informs for its Galaxy Note smart-phone, according to a description.

The Galaxy Note N7000 owners crossways the world will have to wait for the update which will be pushed to them Over-the-Air (you will receive a notification). In the meantime, Devin Balentina from Netherlands posted an illustration of the Android 4.0 update for Galaxy Note on Twitter.

The innovative Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Galaxy Note GT-N7000 device brings the new Touch Wiz customer interface. Apart from that, the update bundles the innovative S Note app which offers advanced note captivating feature coupled with other efficiency tools.

From the image, it is evidential that the fresh Android 4.0 ICS update with Touch Wiz for Galaxy Note weighs more than 319.61 MB. Hence, it is optional to download it over a Wi-Fi network.

The new set of apps and widgets have been particularly designed and optimized to build the best of the Galaxy Note’s S Pen stylus. Communally these apps and widgets are named as the Premium set. One of them is a photograph album tool that automatically solves equations after recognizing the user’s calligraphy. So all you have to do is write an equation using the stylus in scrapbook and watch it get resolved.

Apart from that, the Android 4 with Touch Wiz brings numerous performance update. For those who don’t wish to stay for the Over-The-Air update can try connecting their Galaxy Note with the desktop software – Samsung Kies.

Presently, the update is being pushed out in Europe and other countries. For India based Galaxy Note users, all we can say is to stay checking for the similar through Samsung Kies.

4G Technology Fourth Generation 4G mobiles

4G also called as Fourth-Generation infrastructure coordination, is a term used to describe the next step in wireless communications. A 4G scheme can offer a complete IP solution where voice, data and streamed multimedia can be provided to users on an Anytime, Anywhere foundation. The information transfer rates are also much higher than preceding generations.

The major objectives of 4G are:-

(1)    4G will be a completely IP-based incorporated system.

(2)    This will be capable of providing 100 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s speeds mutually indoors and outdoors.

(3)    It can provide premium superiority and high safety.

(4)    4G present all types of services at an affordable price.

4G is developed to offer high quality of service and rate requirements set by approaching applications such as wireless broadband access, Multimedia Messaging, Video Chat, Mobile TV, High definition TV content, DVB, minimal overhaul like voice and data, and additional streaming services.

4G technologies allow high quality smooth video transmission. It will facilitate fast downloading of full-length songs or music pieces in genuine time.

Statistics Rates for 4G:-

The downloading velocity for mobile Internet connections is from approximately 10 KB per sec for 2G cellular at there. However, in real use the data rates are typically slower, particularly in crowded areas, or when there is overcrowding in network.

4G mobile data broadcast rates are planned to be up to 20 MB per second which means that it will be about 10-20 times quicker than standard ASDL services.

In terms of association seeds, 4G will be about 200 times faster than there 2G mobile data rates, and about 10 times more rapidly than 3G broadband mobile. 3G data rates are presently 2Mbit / sec, which is very quick compared to 2G’s approximately 10 KB per sec.

NEW FANGLED Blackberry Curve


Blackberry Curve (8300) is one of the most admired newest phones since its get underway. But since its launch, mobile industry has knowledgeable numerous advances in technology. So to stay they inform wit newest technology Blackberry family has launched its latest version called BLACKBERRY BOLD.


Blackberry Bold is a mix together of greatest features of Windows Mobile and the excellence and reliability specific to Blackberry product.

With the help of new Blackberry Bold now it is likely to edit your MS Word and MS PowerPoint documents. These updates can be enthused over onto major PC or Mac. So now you can inform and get better speeches and presentations during perform runs or when still on the thoroughfare.


Blackberry Bold is 1 of the most media-friendly release yet with the addition of Wifi which allows you to right of entry the Internet from virtually millions of locations universal (the GPS and mapping purposes can help you position a site) and even exterior of hot-spot areas, the Blackberry Bold exploits HSDPA technology to entrée nearly 3G download paces.

In new Blackberry Bold streaming videos are also obtainable, complementing the mp3 player. And with the Media Sync request, you can with no trouble transfer media files from iTunes to your earpiece very easily.

Samsung unwraps newest Galaxy competitor to iPhone

LONDON/HELSINKI :  Samsung Electronics unveiled a new top-of-the-range Galaxy smartphone in London on Thursday, updating the most straight rival to Apple’s iPhone with a better touch screen and more influential processor.

The South Korean technology collection, which overtook Finnish corporation Nokia as the world’s biggest cellphone manufacturer earlier this year, said the new Galaxy SIII replica would go on sale in some markets in late May and approximately the globe from June.

The new Galaxy SIII replica will have a 4.8 inches touch screen, 8 mega pixel camera and will utilize the latest version of Google’s Android software.

Analysts said the predictable enormous marketing campaign and features of the handset – billed as the bureaucrat smartphone of the London 2012 Olympics – were likely sufficient to generate strong sales, but the initiate left many of them apathetic.


Won-Pyo Hong, head of artifact tactic at Samsung’s mobile business, said it expected sales of the Galaxy SIII to outdo predecessor SII’s in excess of 20 million units.

Definitely, we expect so the level of interest from our partners has been superior, Hong told Reuters in a dialogue. He said the marketing finances would also augment, even if brand awareness was already fairly high.

Analysts said the new device represented a formidable challenge to rivals, given a combination of the Galaxy brand, sales support from operators and heavy marketing.

Samsung must build the most of a 4 to 5 month window of chance with the Galaxy SIII before Apple changes the game formerly more with its next generation iPhone, said Geoff Blaber, analyst at CCS imminent

The latest Galaxy will be powered by Samsung’s quad-core microprocessor, which the company hopes will also be used in handsets complete by HTC and Motorola, as well as Apple, its biggest client for components.


Apple and Samsung’s near duopoly in high-end smartphones was not predictable to come under danger this year or next.

Samsung shares hit a lifetime elevated after its first-quarter results, approaching its market value to one ninety billion dollar, eleven times that of Japanese rival Sony, though still only a third of Apple’s, the world’s most valuable company.

Technology research firm Ovum said in a note on Thursday it predictable Microsoft to launch its Windows Phone as a pertinent smartphone platform only by 2017.

Upgrade your iPhone 4 to iOS 5 in Five Steps

Apple iPhone 4 smartphone to the latest iOS 5 and things went easily as they did last moment, through the process taking less than thirty minutes; though there are a few things to tolerate in mind to reduce possible issues.

(1)          Make confident you have previously installed iTunes 10.5 prior to updating your phone and that you have already restarted your mechanism as prompted by the Apple request. Breakdown to do so could cause umpteen issues for the update procedure.

(2)          Plug your iPhone via USB to your computer and if you are using a laptop make certain you have sufficient juice so that the computer doesn’t freeze or power failure during the installation. If not, after that shut down everything and restart your computer and replicate the steps.

(3)          Once your device has been identified, click on the suitable icon and the “make sure for an update” button, which will begin the installation procedure. Note that if you use your device on numerous computers, you will need to execute the update on your MAIN computer, the one where syncs are carried out.

(4)          The rest is only a substance of pressing a few more buttons to corroborate the installation and the procedure should go on mechanically. Do not obstruct with your iPhone or iTunes during that time or the synchronization procedure might be cancelled. Your device will be restarted some times.

(5)          Please be enduring. Apple says that the entire process could take providing one hour to be completed. There are reports that things did not go down as well for some users coverage that iOS had bricked their iPhone.

Speedy Lock Adds Stylish Shortcuts on Your iPhone’s Lock Display

Cydia is house to 1 too many lock screen pinches. There are typical packages like LockInfo that augment the iOS lock screen with every kind of handy shortcuts and features, but there’s also tweaks similar to Lock Launcher that are untidy and unattractive. With that said, FastLock is a delectably easy take on lock screen shortcuts for jail broken iPhones.

It is built a concept in response to the many Cydia tweaks that were allowing the consumer to start applications from the lock screen. I felt that the way these tweaks were future this idea was non-native and lacked link with how the lock screen appears and operates. Instead of charitable the user applications, I concluded it was more instinctive to provide them job options, actions that could jump-start them in drama certain day-to-day routines such as sending an email or addition an alarm. I designed the entire surroundings specifically to mesh well with obtainable components on the lock screen, in look and process.”

Certainly, Fast Lock is extremely simple. Once you establish the tweak for $1 in Cydia there are no settings to arrange. When you are viewing your iPhone’s padlock screen, just twice tap the Home button. An Apple-like drop-down of job shortcuts will be displayed flanked by the time and the ‘slide to unlock’ bar. You can put a call, propel a message, send an email, chirp, add a contact, add a note, set an alarm or timer, and get a photo. The previous option is kinda useless if you already have the Camera icon shortcut displayed by evasion on your lock screen.

The fantastic news is that FastLock is only the starting of something much more determined. Tucker told Cult of Mac, “FastLock, although it uses the look and feel of my notion, does not encompass the hallucination I have for this application. The version of this concept is underway and will be a much more enhanced and easy to use tool, including dissimilar significant aspects that FastLock missed the mark on in view. I cannot provide any information on its release at this time; however I can promise you that it will fetch a number of sole functions to the table.”