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Apple Adds John Malkovich to Siri’s Celebrity Profit-Making

Apple has posted 2 new iPhone 4S commercials focused on the powers of the Siri effective assistant. The new ads another time feature the bonus authority of a celebrity, with acclaimed actor John Malkovich pontificating on life in the 1st blemish, while trying to contribute to a joke with Siri in the 2nd.

The 1st commercial, just named ‘Life’ finds Malkovich asking Siri the meaning of existence.

Struggle and be nice to populace; she reacts. Avoid eating plump and read a high-quality book every now and then. Get some walking in and try to live jointly in peace and synchronization with people of all creeds and nations.

That’s pretty spectacular recommendation, in fact Malkovich remarks before telling Siri, Thank you. I enjoyed this chat hugely. You are extremely articulate.

That’s pleasant of you to say, Siri responds obediently.

The 2nd commercial, Joke, finds Malkovich checking the climate and his evening timetable, searching for Linguica and finally receiving Siri to tell a joke which she only knows the 1st half of. But Malkovich express amusement anyway, remarking that’s funny.


Apple Coolest Creation of 2012

Salceanu Madalina said that iWatch 2 is the new perception watch designed by Apple. It’s called iWatch 2, a notion watch with 32 GB memory, WiFi and Bluetooth that allows you to attach to iPad / iPhone. The man who imaginary this beauty is called Antonio DeRosa which also invented iPhone camera based technology plus especially purpose. You can attach / synchronize the clock with iPad or iPhone but the most attractive feature of this conception watch is the projector or LCD built. The watch is prepared by aluminum. It is capable of projecting images wherever anytime and we hope and thingamajig video memory. Note that this is just a thought, and the chances are small for it’s to become actuality anytime rapidly.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Passes Up $75M

Apple CEO Tim Cook has approved up about $75 million in dividend payments he would be due when his huge compilation of more than 1 million shares vests in the subsequently decade, according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The company’s obedience Thursday announced that Apple will praise executives who have received “limited store unit” awards with what it called “bonus equivalents” equivalent to the dividends it will pay holders of ordinary stock starting afterward this year.

In March, Apple bowed to saver force and said it would use various $45 billion of its enormous cash holdings to, in part; pay periodical dividends, a break from past perform when Steve Jobs led the corporation.

The dividend payments will sum to $2.65 per contribute to per quarter, or $10.60 per share yearly. The program will cost Apple about $10 billion the 1st year.

Cook has declined the dividend correspondents.

Mister Cook’s requested that none of his limited stock units will contribute in dividend equivalents told the Apple SEC filing. Presumptuous a periodical dividend of $2.65 per share over the vesting periods of his 1.125 million outstanding restricted stockpile units, Mister Cook will forego approximately $75 million in dividend equal worth.

Cook received the immensity of his restricted stockpile unit, or RSU, holding previous year in a one million RSU grant given him in late August 2011 by the Apple plank of directors. The funding was announced just after Cook was promoted to CEO, but before the bereavement of former CEO Steve Jobs.

Half-a-million RSUs will be awarded to Cook in coming August 2015 if he is still with Apple, while the subsequent 500,000 will be given to him in August 2021, again only if he is still employed by the corporation.

Apple’s SEC filing did not provide a cause for Cook’s decision to relinquish the dividend equivalents.

Apple’s Latest Lion Bring Up To Date Exposes User Passwords

Oops with the newest security bring up to date to Lion, Mac OS X 10-7-3, Apple has incorrectly turned on a debug alternative that leaves users’ passwords accessible.

With the debug alternative enabled in File-Vault, passwords are saved in simple text in a log file exterior the encrypted region, meaning that anybody with access to the disk can read the file containing the password and utilize it to log into the encrypted area of the diskette.

While File-Vault 2 which encrypts the whole content of the hard drive is fine, the bug affects anybody who upgraded to Lion but carried on using the older previous version of File-Vault.

With Mac OS X version 10-7-3 released at the start of February, this means that more than 2 months’ data could be open for all to observe.

The flaw was reported on Friday by safety canvasser David Emery, who says that it’s even worse than it appears.

The log in question can also be understand by booting the mechanism into fire-wire disk form and reading it by opening the drive as a disk or by booting the new-with-LION revival partition and using the available super-user shell to mount the main file system divider and read the file.

This would consent to someone to break into encrypted partitions on machines they did not have any thought of any login passwords for.

It’s probable to disable File-Vault and turn on File-Vault 2, after which a change of password should reinstate security – as long as the original password has been totally erased.

This proves a very significant tip when it comes to encryption. While choosing a safe algorithm is significant, it’s rarely the most important issue. How products amass, supervise and secure keys and passwords is the most ordinary failure point in assuring data fortification, says Chester Wisniewski of security firm Sophos.

This event demonstrates the importance of completion over technical arguments like key strength and password difficulty. That Apple promises AES encryption doesn’t mean anything if it chooses to store your password in an easy to get to log file.

Nokia accuses Apple of Siri Bias over Smart-Phone Answer

The Siri software, which is featured on Apple’s iPhone 4S, utilizes the computational search engine Wolfram Alpha to serve answers to various queries.

For a question for example “what is the most excellent smart-phone increasingly?” Wolfram Alpha would puddle available reviews and remark in order to come up with what it feels is the correct consequence.

In this illustration, the “most excellent” result was determined by reviews on the website of US seller Best Buy.

Siri has offered some unforeseen responses since initiation on the iPhone 4S previous year.

Scottish users of the characteristic were said to be frustrated over Siri’s inability to understand their pronunciation.

In December, the Apple denied that it was stopping Siri from locating restricted abortion clinics, saying any propaganda was “not deliberate”.

Nokia’s Lumia 900 – which launched in the UK present month – came out on pinnacle.

However, when asked the similar question, the software no longer attempts to look for Wolfram Alpha to find its reply, in its place producing an evasion answer.

Nokia orator Tracey Postill tells the Sydney Morning Herald: “Apple position Siri as the gifted system that’s there to help, but obviously if they don’t like the answer, they supersede the software.”

However, when contacted by the BBC, Nokia said Ms Postill’s comments were “lighthearted” and “taken out of background”.

“We were surely flattered and honored,” Nokia spokesman Doug Dawson additional.

Apple Updates Mac OS X 10 Leopard with Flashback Elimination Tool Adobe Flash Player

While Apple moved moderately quickly to liberate software tools for OS X Lion and Snow Leopard to eliminate the Flashback malware from infected systems and scrap the Java vulnerability it browbeaten, users of previous operating system versions have remained susceptible.

Apple addressed that subject today for consumers of Mac OS X 10 Leopard, releasing Leopard Flashback Removal Safety Update to spotless infected systems and disables the Java plug-in in Safari.

This update removes the most ordinary alternatives of the Flashback malware. If the Flashback malware is found, a dialog will inform you that malware was removed. In several cases, the update may need to restart your computer in order to completely take away the Flashback malware.

To improve the security of your Mac, this update also immobilizes the Java plug-in in Safari.

On a separate message, Apple also released Leopard Security Update 2012-003, which mechanically disables out-of-date versions of Adobe Flash Player for security reasons. The update weighs in at 1-11 MB and requires Mac OS X 10.

This update disables versions of Adobe Flash Player that do not comprise the newest security updates and provides the option to get the present version from Adobe’s website.

Apple included alike functionality for Lion and Snow Leopard systems in Safari 5-1-7 released previous week alongside OS X 10-7-4.

Today’s software releases for Mac OS X Leopard mark the first important software updates for the operating system since the first appearance of OS X Lion in mid-2011.

Apple’s iPhone 5 maps app equipment technology previewed by C3

This week Apple has been tipped to be releasing non-Google maps iteration on their iPhone 5 just the once the device has been equipped for a 3rd quarter announcement, this mapping technology bringing “next-stage” realness and wonderful technological breakthroughs in abundance. What you’re about to see is a hands-on video from Net Book News which shows off the technology that has been shaped by C3 Technologies, a company that Apple bought back in 2011. What we can anticipate from Apple in the very near prospect is a set of mapping apps that utilize the technology you see in this video without uncertainty and on a huge scale.

Apple’s next age group mapping technology should of course take whatever they had with Google Maps and go it on up to a whole new world. To take from their devices Google Maps, the main free-based mapping surroundings in the earth today, Apple would have to put back it with something stunning. To do this, Apple has almost surely to amplify their attempt up to 11, and the company C3 Technologies is just the collection to make that occur.

What we’ll likely be considering in 2012 is a set of maps just like what you’re considering above including 360 views, near exist updates, and news bits and tips popping up for you wherever you do so move. This may also be the sunrise of turn-by-turn directions for iOS, a characteristic long dominated by Google for Android and held high on top of Apple’s head like a piece of crop in front of a horse. Apple has very probable broken that stick and will soon be investment the fruit in front of Google if the above video is any sign.