Get Samsung E1080 Free through O2 Simplicity

If you desire to get a trouble-free handset for only messaging and making calls then without any hesitation Samsung E1080. It is a fundamental phone which seems good-looking because of its affordable cost. Good obsession is that you can clutch it free of cost with O2 Simplicity, which is nothing but a new SIM with effortless plans from the Orange UK. There are 3 main options of making payment. It is certainly the most reasonably priced cell phone pricing plan from the Orange.

Let’s talk about Samsung E1080; it is a handset which seems ideal for those who frequently like to spend their time in daring places. Its exterior is well-design and strong and you can effortlessly place it on the rough and tough place without caring about its arrangement. Another high-quality feature of this mobile phone is the imposing battery stamina that’s denoting you can enjoy enough talk time and standby time throughout this cell phone. There is a handy sliding wrap on the back which is designed for the ultimate protection of the battery. In the attendance of this cover, there is small or no chance that a dust particle gets inside the earpiece.

Samsung E1080 has similar operating system which you see in its predecessor so you will capable to get the same menu layout, pre-loaded request and customized options as you found in E1170. A helpful characteristic of handset is mobile tracker which will certainly provide you a helping hand in the event when your earpiece is in wrong hands.

Though E1080 comes without 3G, Bluetooth and GPRS yet it is completely appropriate for you if you desire to get a fundamental functional handset. Go and get it gratis from O2 and don’t forget to pledge for O2 Simplicity.


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