IL-2 Sturmovik

Synopsis; It is admitted that IL-2 Sturmovik didn’t precisely scream “most excellent flight sim of all time” when it was at first reviewed but thanks to a couple of outstanding expansion packs and an absolute dearth of competitors, the Russian-developed voyage sim has full-grown larger and larger in our minds, almost eclipsing all the other games in its type. Spotlighting on the oft-neglected Eastern Front of World War II, IL-2 Sturmovik managed to differentiate itself with huge visuals and the most pragmatic and responsive flight model around. Whether airborne CAP above the brilliant clouds or flying nap of the earth for some up-close tank busting action, the game really puts players in the cockpit like no other game before or since. Sturms, Yaks and MiGs may not have the status that Mustangs and Spitfires have, at least in America or Western Europe, but they’re each bit as demanding and thrilling to fly.


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