4 Reasons to Harmonize Your Phone With Your PC

Believe about how much you do—or could perform—by your phone. Beyond calls, texts, and IMs, people more and more use their phones as their primary digital camera. And mobile versions of output software let us work on documents and spreadsheets without still needing a laptop.

So here’s the query: If you previously have everything on your phone, why sync it with your PC? Well, because if you have all on your phone, you’re almost certainly going to want it somewhere else—and you sure don’t want to misplace it.

Frequently syncing your phone with your PC means you’ll have what you require where you need it.

Don’t let your almanac, electronic mail, and contacts obtain mixed up

1.            Being an able to utilize your smart-phone to manage your time, read email, and store contact info is overwhelming. Having them all get out of sync with the stuff on your PC can be a frightening. Which of Pam’s office phone numbers is the correct one? What happened to the email you got from Kevin? And did you change that doctor’s appointment from 10 to 11—or was it the other way around?

Obviously, if you’re tracking vital info on your phone, you need to keep it synchronized with the info on your PC or you’ll drive yourself nuts. If you’re using Windows Phone 7, here’s a good situate to create learning how to sync your calendar, contacts, and email. Plus, this wizard shows you how to sync your Microsoft Outlook mail and this FAQ can help with your almanac.

Acquire work, projects, or homework with you

2.            Currently you can do work on your phone while travelling by bus or sitting in a coffee shop for entertainment – you don’t forever have to fire up your laptop. With Office Mobile, you can job on Microsoft Word, Excel, and One Note docs any time you like. Synchronize your files using Sky Drive and you are constantly up to date.

If you are using Windows Phone 6.5, you can download a gratis Office Mobile upgrade for competent phones. If Office Mobile is not pre-installed on your phone, you don’t have to get a fresh phone. You can now buy Office Mobile separately from Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Dangle on to your photos

3.            Since you are normally more probably to have your phone handy than your digital camera, some of your finest snapshots are probably on your phone. How about that huge shot you caught of your child hitting a home run? You may have sent it to grandma instantly, but if you want to have that photo years from nowadays, it’s a good thought to drop it onto your PC where you can back it up for protection

With Windows Phone 7, you can mechanically upload photos to Sky Drive and from there download them to your PC. Or you can sync photos the indistinguishable way you do music, using Zune sync software. Plus, if you have a Facebook account, you can automatically sync photos flanked by your phone and Facebook, making this speedy and easy way to share photos an evenly fast and easy way to help defend them.

Protect your material against loss or robbery

4.            Here is a question for you that what’s easier to lose; your phone or your personal computer (PC)? Although replacing a misplaced or stolen phone isn’t precisely fun, it’s a job you can take care of in a few hours. If you have not kept your phone synced with your PC, replacing the email, contact information, pictures, music and documents from your phone could get days – if you can perform it at all. Syncing is clearly a more enjoyable option than digging through old emails looking for the contacts you misplaced or the photos you emailed. Want more peace of mind? Struggle the My Windows Phone service, it’s a free. After you have synced your phone’s contents to My Phone, you can look for your text messages from the My Phone site. With My Phone, you can also with no trouble send photos to social networking sites – from your phone and even place your phone if you lose it.


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