Nokia accuses Apple of Siri Bias over Smart-Phone Answer

The Siri software, which is featured on Apple’s iPhone 4S, utilizes the computational search engine Wolfram Alpha to serve answers to various queries.

For a question for example “what is the most excellent smart-phone increasingly?” Wolfram Alpha would puddle available reviews and remark in order to come up with what it feels is the correct consequence.

In this illustration, the “most excellent” result was determined by reviews on the website of US seller Best Buy.

Siri has offered some unforeseen responses since initiation on the iPhone 4S previous year.

Scottish users of the characteristic were said to be frustrated over Siri’s inability to understand their pronunciation.

In December, the Apple denied that it was stopping Siri from locating restricted abortion clinics, saying any propaganda was “not deliberate”.

Nokia’s Lumia 900 – which launched in the UK present month – came out on pinnacle.

However, when asked the similar question, the software no longer attempts to look for Wolfram Alpha to find its reply, in its place producing an evasion answer.

Nokia orator Tracey Postill tells the Sydney Morning Herald: “Apple position Siri as the gifted system that’s there to help, but obviously if they don’t like the answer, they supersede the software.”

However, when contacted by the BBC, Nokia said Ms Postill’s comments were “lighthearted” and “taken out of background”.

“We were surely flattered and honored,” Nokia spokesman Doug Dawson additional.


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