2012 World Super yacht Awards cabinet the cream of lavishness boating

Contemporary regularly feature the latest super yachts on Gizmag because they offer a combination of breathtaking design and cutting perimeter technology in a rarefied arena where price is apparently no object. The resultant floating marvels often appear more like works of art than mere ocean-going transportation. An unbelievable 262 super sold last year (counting 1 that went for $300 million!) consequently it’s no speculate that some of the world’s wealthiest glitterati flocked to Istanbul previous this month to take part in what is fundamentally the Oscars of the lavishness boating scene – the World Super yacht Awards. Both motor yachts and navigate yachts were judged in a number of categories by a panel of experts composed approximately entirely of super yacht owners. The judges consulted with numerous naval architects and yacht-building firms to disembark at the criterion for selecting winners among abundant vessel types. The motor yachts fall into 2 categories; Displacement, for those that relocate their possess weight in water at all times, and Semi-displacement, for those built more flippantly that displace less than their entirety weight in water while beneath way at higher speeds.

The awards ceremony was held at the wealthy Çırağan Palace Kempinski lodge adjacent to Istanbul’s busy Bosporus watercourse. Each winner left with a King Neptune statue, custom-made by Baccarat, and no hesitation, lots of smiles. Here are this year’s main categories and winning vessels (plus lots of supplementary images in the photo balcony).


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