Copy Files to Google Drive More Rapidly In Windows 7

The Google Drive desktop submission in Windows 7 creates a pleasant little shortcut in your Favorites folder for easy contact to your files. Using Windows Explorer, you can duplicate files to it like any other file or folder in Windows. But there’s a sooner way to copy files to your Google Drive explanation. Using the Send to background menu selection, you can right-click on any file or directory and send it directly to your Google Drive folder as five steps are as under:-

Step 1: Make certain you have the Google Drive desktop request installed on your Windows 7 PC.

Step 2: Open the Run dialog package by hitting Win+R, type: %APPDATA%\ Microsoft\Windows\SendTo and slap OK.

Step 3: While the SendTo folder opens, right click on top of the Google Drive icon in the left pane, beneath Favorites, and drag it more to an open area of the SendTo folder in the precise pane. Don’t drag it onto one of the shortcuts previously in the folder, or also you’ll get the wrong menu for Step 4.

Step 4: After you let leave of the icon in the SendTo folder, choose Create shortcuts now.

Step 5: To duplicate a file or folder using the SendTo circumstance menu, right-click on any file or directory in Windows Explorer, then go to Send to and select Google Drive.

That’s it; currently you can send files to your Google Drive explanation in Windows by right-clicking on any file or else folder. To select manifold files, just depress the Ctrl key as you emphasize the files you want to send.


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