Swift Ways to Safe Your MacBook

If the current SabPub and Flashback Trojans have qualified consumers everything, it’s that Macs are presently as susceptible to safety threats as a regular Windows PC. Granted, Apple’s Mac OS X does have built-in sanctuary features, but in actuality, the primary motivation Macs have been fewer exaggerated by malware for so long is an easy game of numbers.

Malware developers produce software with the purpose of impacting the prevalent number of computers achievable. As the leading operating system for the improved half of the last twenty years, Microsoft’s Windows, and its various incarnations, has been the biggest target for these criminals. But as Mac sales have improved in current years, malware makers have begun to alter their strategies, aiming their guns at Apple’s systems as well as Microsoft’s. Fortunately, there are numerous relatively simple, yet effective, steps you can take to help protect your Mac from the web’s evildoers.


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