Flexible Display by Samsung YOUM

You may recall Samsung’s astonishing notion video released last December for a mobile device consisting completely of a flexible AMOLED display. The transparent device translated languages on the mark, predictable images in 3D and performed other overwhelming tasks.

While a super-phone like that one may motionless be a ways off, flexible displays seems to be presently right approximately the corner and Samsung has given theirs a name YOUM.

According to The Verge, the corporation filed a submission to the US Patent and Trademark Office on March 16 for YOUM’s stylized symbol, shown in picture.

In addition, Samsung’s YOUM flexible display now has it’s possess page on the Korean Samsung Mobile display website. The site features an illustration (in picture) demonstrating the difference that live between Samsung’s flaxy display, an LCD display, and an OLED show.

Slashgear explains that what could build Samsung’s YOUM display thinner, lighter and indestructible, as the company claims, are its “video-based encapsulation and TFT layers,” which restore the usual glass layers featured in LCD and OLED displays and make them more elastic to damage along with allowing more flexibility in device intend.

Samsung initially showed off a example of the display at CES 2011, which, according to CNET, was 4.5 “ broad, less than .33 mm thick and had a display resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

And, just a few days after Nokia released a sample of its bendable Kinetic Device preceding October, Samsung Investor Relations VP Robert Yi said the following in a periodical earnings call: “The supple display we are looking to bring in sometime in 2012, with any luck the earlier division. The application almost certainly will start from the handset elevation.”

So far it seems Samsung’s plans are attractive much on track. Expectantly, we’ll be meeting its YOUM displays in someone by the end of this year.


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