Google to Instigate Innovative Tablet Computer This Year

Internet huge, Google is planning to launch a new tablet to get on the likes of Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle. Google chairman, Eric Schmidt announced that the corporation will open a Google branded tablet based on its Android stage in the next 6 months. He said that the tablet would be “of the uppermost superiority”. Industry analysts consider that the new tablet could become a grave competitor to the Apple iPad.

It is believed that the new tablet would characteristic a 7 inch front board and could be priced in the range of $200 to contend with Amazon’s Kindle tablet. According to a statement by Digitimes citing sources from company’s provide sequence, the company may be aiming to compete with Amazon’s 7-inch Kindle Fire in its place of taking on the Apple iPad.

The description also said that according to the sources in Far Eastern factories that construct hi-tech mechanism for companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon, have indicated that Google’s possess branded tablet would have a 7 inch form factor instead of Apple’s nearly ten inch front panel of the iPad.


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