HP Pill goes for Windows 8 in The Future

After a few-days ago Announced His meaning to keep your PC inside the ITS Division, it Appears That HP’s prospect plan linked to growth of tablet solutions.

We recall how the American corporation has made in current months, the touchpad solutions based on webOS. Following the interior completion reviews CEO Leo Apothecary of the former, HP has discontinued the growth of webOS software stage in Addition to Those products Touchpad, afterward sold off to prices for the balance to the enjoyment of shoppers.

HP intends to develop incessant houses in any solutions tablet: abandoned webOS the policy focuses on Windows 8, based on a user interface is suitable for use with that this category of systems.

It remains currently to understand what kind of hardware stage, the HP Decided to unite Windows 8 on their tablet. A present tactic to TEND Would Prioritize proposals based on ARM construction, but can not keep out a probable use of the x86 architecture, the typical PC systems and notebooks.

It remains to describe what kind of CPU can be used x86 lowest utilization, preliminary next time, in an area distinguish as that decisive of Tablet PC systems. Intel Atom and propose solutions for AMD platforms are in the Brazos Addition to prospect changes expected for 2012.

In Any case it is achievable That May Revise HP ITS tactic related to webOS. Meg Whitman, CEO of the fresh A Few weeks, well actually has Confirmed willingness to appraise the future plan for webOS in the course of coming era.


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