Apple Examines iPad Users’ Wi-Fi Grievances

The memo asks AppleCare staff to “imprison” any third-generation Wi-Fi-only iPads that demonstrate signs of intermittent connectivity, slow Wi-Fi speeds or the Wi-Fi system are not seen. By capturing, Apple refers to replacing affected units and delivery the possibly faulty unit back for further assessment.

Though the Apple memo seems to submit to Wi-Fi-only iPads, several of the users who were coverage problems on the Apple forums are saying that they are experiencing comparable issues with the 4G + Wi-Fi model too. Many of these users say they had their strategy replaced when taken to an Apple amass.

A Likely Fix

A probable fix for the concern comes from OSXDaily, with mixed results from users, which implies forgetting and rejoining a Wi-Fi network from the settings bill of fare, as well as resetting the network setting on the novel iPad. Since my new iPad has not been presentation any of the Wi-Fi connectivity issues reported by further users, I was unable to test whether this fix does the deception.


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