Microsoft Suggestions that Windows 8 will scamper Windows Phone 7 apps

In an attractive but not unforeseen twist, it looks like Microsoft might permit Windows 8 to run all Windows Phone 7 apps, and perhaps all Windows Phone 8 apps too.

The gossip stems from I’m A WP7, an app that carefully reports the description numbers of working systems that run the app. As you can see in the picture below, the initial two entries are for Windows Phone 7, but at the underneath it reports that “Windows 8.0 Desktop” description also uses the app. The existing public build of Windows 8, the customer appetizer is a lower description number – so it would appear that Microsoft is trying out Windows Phone 7 apps on interior builds of Windows 8.

At first I consideration this might just be Windows Phone 7 apps running within a Windows 8 development atmosphere – a illustration studio emulator or something – but the talk about of Jupiter approximately certainly blows that thought out the window. Though it hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft, Jupiter is thought to be the soubriquet of one of the center libraries that powers the novel Metro-style Windows 8 apps. Metro apps can whichever is designed in HTML/CSS, or in XAML – 7 apps. This on it’s possess isn’t a big shock – XAML is a big part of several .NET technologies – but get this: The nickname for Windows Phone 8 is Apollo, who in Greek legends is the schoolboy of Zeus and the Roman complement of Zeus is Jupiter!

In diminutive, Windows Phone 8 is the son of Windows 8, which tallies with preceding rumors that WP8 would even utilize the Windows 8 kernel. Taking a rapid gallop through antique history might seem a bit dull-witted, but back in reality this is a no-brainer for Microsoft. Windows Phone 7 apps are just Silver light apps, and Windows Phone 8 apps will almost absolutely be XAML-based Metro apps. Microsoft has previously said that WP7 and WP8 apps would work on Windows 8 with only a scarcely any changes to the code – but actually, there’s no scientific restraint that would prevent Microsoft from providing a scaffold that can run WP7 and WP8 apps as-is in Windows 8.


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