HTC HD3 Soon Coming to Australia

New forthcoming phone from HTC is called HD3 and it will sprint on the Windows Phone 7 operating system. As for the hardware stipulation, there is a 4.5 inches AMOLED show that supports 1200×800 pixel resolution which is enough and satisfactory to the clients. Besides AMOLED display, this phone features controlling dual core processor that works on 1.5 GHz and 1 GB of RAM that will be enough for the every day running of most of your submissions.,Of course, HTC HD3 will have 32 GB of storage space that will be more than sufficient for all your records and applications. When it comes to internet entrance, you will be pleased to recognize that HTC HD3 will use WiFi and 4G. An additional thing about HD3 is that it will come with eight mega pixel camera with 2 LED flashes. Besides HTC HD3 offers dominant hardware specifications it also offers an astonishing design, and since we’re speaking of design, we should talk about that this phone is only 10mm broad.,As you can see HTC HD3 features great hardware stipulation, Windows Phone 7 operating system and generally it should be a great phone. As for the price, it remains unidentified for now.,.


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