Best Free Top-Down Shooter

The camera is located above the head of your character and, as the given name entitles, you’re gunfire things. Although it can be 3D, top-down shooters are typically portrayed in the second aspect.

Subvein Game

An enormous online top down firearm that is set apart by its knowledge and skills coordination. The experience is called change and you can use it to buy tones of dissimilar skills and game-play effectors. To go along with scavenging guns, you can also make the money to purchase your possess weapons. To keep things pale, you don’t get to keep your experience and money from match to match. Subvein’s terrain is all 3D, while the typescripts are two dimensional. There is quite a pleasant line of sight result that blacks things out approximately corners, giving the game a gloomy feel. The developers are also preparation on adding vehicles. With plenty of guns, bots, and nature upgrades, this entertainment is about as good as the top down type gets.

Additional great games in this sort:

Shoot First – Fight your way through arbitrarily generated dungeons meeting power-ups and damsels.

NaaC – A bloody alien continued existence arena firearm game.

Thesus – Revisit of the Hero – Released as freeware by the inventors of Alien Shooter and Zombie firearm.

Freezing Conditions 2 – A quite good-looking 2D shooter with a compelling tale. Writer Wilhelm Clemm seems to have disappeared, along with his location.

Killing Engine – An online multiplayer merely top-down shooter with lots of guns and a nice stage editor.

Zombpocalypse – A 3D automaton shooting diversion.

Bloodmasters – An open basis online top-down shooter alike to Subvein


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